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An Edmonton Institution

Fried Cheese Po’Boy's & Seafood Jambalaya. Heaven.
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October 23, 2021 9:45 AM
George Hong
December 23, 2021

DaDeO Restaurant has been serving up amazing Cajun and Creole food for almost 30 years and this local gem can go for 30 more! Karen took ownership 20 years ago and works tirelessly to maintain the restaurant’s high standards from her tiny office under the stairs. 

DaDeO’s cozy location on Whyte Ave has been a restaurant for over 70 years which includes a diner and a steakhouse. The mini jukeboxes at each table were inherited from the previous restaurant and any money collected goes to the Edmonton Humane Society

When you’ve been around for 30 years, each customer has a favourite menu item. DaDeO’s menu is quite stable and hasn’t seen much change over the years. Approximately 85% of the menu has stayed the same since they opened in 1993! Now that’s longevity. 

One of the newer items, which was introduced four years ago, is the Fried Cheese Po’Boy which is quickly becoming a fan favourite. The battered cheese curds are deep fried then topped with banana peppers and tequila salsa which balances the sandwich perfectly. Pay the extra loonie for the battered yam fries because you deserve them!

Seafood Jambalaya is not a new menu item and I’m sure many customers would be upset if it disappeared. The rice is perfectly al dente, and it’s packed with a variety of fresh seafood sourced from Effing Seafood in St Albert. The portion is so big that it could definitely feed two people but make sure everyone orders their own entree so there are lots of leftovers to warm up at home.

All of the entrees come with the buttermilk biscuit which is baked fresh in house every morning! And of course that biscuit goes with the Jalapeno jelly which is naughty (spicy) and nice (sweet)!

Sundays at DaDeO are the best time to enjoy some specials: wings ($10 instead of $14) and beer ($6 instead of $8 for a full 20 oz pint). The wings are crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and have the signature cajun kick. Wash it down with the Alley Kat Chili Beer which is exclusive to DaDeO. Seriously, you can’t get the Chili beer anywhere else in the city and even Alley Kat asks Karen for permission to serve it in their own tap house!

If you still have room for dessert then get the Key Lime Pie and you won’t regret it. Even if you don’t have room for dessert, order it to go cuz you won’t want to miss out. The graham almond crust is the perfect vessel for the light and fluffy key lime filling. All the flavours are perfectly balanced to create this decadent delight. 

With the current challenges facing the whole food service industry, DaDeO has shortened their days of operation to Thursday till Sunday. Check out their website, for hours, menu, and specials.

Delivery is available but consider dining in or taking out to see the amazing collection of artwork, awards, and memorabilia saved in this Edmonton institution.

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