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Eat, Dip, Repeat!

This Koo-Doo is unique, tasty, and sure is catching on!
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George Hong
December 23, 2021

For Eat and Dip, the name is only the tip of the iceberg... 

EAT: the signature Koo-Doo footlong sandwich, chicken shawarma, donair, falafel, poutine, Cup-2-Go, and baklava flown in from Montreal. 

DIP: 12 different flavours plus some rotating feature dips and of course gravy. A few of the feature dips include: tzatziki, garlic, sweet donair sauce, and chipotle. 

Owner and head chef Fouad, set out to create a new product to separate Eat and Dip from the majority of donair shops and the Koo-Doo sandwich is his creation. This Koo-Doo is unique, tasty, and sure is catching on. Start with a foot long bun that’s custom made for Eat and Dip, fill it with a variety of amazing fillings, grill it in a panini press to make a crusty exterior, and add a dipping sauce of your choice. The Koo-Doo can be stuffed with beef, chicken, shawarma chicken, deep fried breaded chicken breast, beef patty, or chicken & hotdog together.

If the Koo-Doo is your first order, then your second should be the chicken shawarma or beef donair. The meat is beautifully charred from the grill while at the same time flavourful and juicy. The wrap is served in a plastic bag to collect all the drippings from landing on your clothes.

If you are on a gluten free diet, or don’t appreciate carbs then check out the Cup-2-Go option which gives you the amazing proteins and vegetables while skipping the bread and pita. This Cup-2-Go is perfect to take out and eat on top of the Griesbach Central Park which is minutes away and has an amazing 360 degree view of the city.

To keep track of their amazing daily deals, follow their Instagram account @eatanddip and their hashtag #eatanddip to save some major coin. Eat and Dip opened during the pandemic but Fouad and his family are making the best of a challenging situation. Go support this local restaurant, enjoy the food, and let your friends know!

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