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Sweet Sweet Eats from Kathy Leskow CEO (Cookie Eating Officer)

Take a bite out of this sweet story.
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George Hong
December 29, 2021

Kathy Leskow is building her cookie empire and it is impressive! From a home based business 12 years ago, Confetti Sweets has grown to 25 employees making, selling, and marketing products that are sold in over 175 stores in western Canada and they’re even going international! Now that’s a sweet business model.

Confetti Sweets started by selling their cookies at farmers markets in and around Edmonton and they haven’t stopped. Cookie lovers can still find their booth at nine different markets throughout the year. The farmers markets play an integral part of the business and Kathy has grown fond of her fellow vendors. The Sherwood Park facility houses over 50 different vendor products prominently and she plans to add more for the holiday season.

What’s the Deal was granted access behind the pink curtain to see how their tasty sweets are made. All new hires are brought into the bakery so that every employee understands the foundation of the business: COOKIES! From mixing, to icing, decorating, and packaging this is where the magic happens. The sweets are then transferred to the display for customers to gawk and salivate over.

The cookie may have started it all but they have added many items to please every guest. The cupcakes are moist and have the perfect level of sweetness and most of them come with a mini cookie as the garnish. The cakes are decadent and statement pieces that are perfect for any celebration. And for those distant loved ones, ship a gift basket or cookie mix from the online store so they can enjoy the Confetti Sweets experience for the holidays.

Finally, the Branded Cookie is a truly unique product which can have any image lasered on in edible ink. It’s great for corporate events and birthday treat bags, but why not order a dozen to bring to your grandma’s dinner, Oilers game night, or kids fundraiser? There’s no limit except your own imagination…

This holiday season, take a trip out to Sherwood Park to visit Confetti Sweets. Pick up your favorite cookies, try a new item from their display, and do all of your Christmas shopping from the 50+ local vendors. You will have a merry time in the process!

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