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The Lot is open for buisness!

We visit The Lot to try some incredible bites!
Event Photos
George Hong
December 23, 2021

This October has been one of the nicest on record and The Lot is staying open to help you enjoy the outdoors till the end of the month! The vendors have cooked up some new fall menu items to add to the good ol’ favourites. 

Our CEO Kate poses with a bounty of Maestros Empanadas

The cheese empanadas from Maestros Empanadas come in a perfect flaky triangle with warm oozy cheese to bring you back for seconds.

3 Different Soups from Veg•an•go

The Veg•an•go truck serves up their meatless versions of fast food classics and their stew warms the belly and the soul.

An incredible tot poutine from Dick's Tater Ship

The Dick's Tater Ship sea can has a variety of tater poutines you don’t want to skip. And make sure to take a lot of #dickspics 😂

That cheese though. wow.

Howard at Smoke and Fire BBQ always brings the perfect level of smoke to make their dishes!🔥 Can’t go wrong with ribs and brisket!

Since it’s outdoors, you don’t need to wear a mask but social distancing is recommended. 

If you’re lucky there may be an artist performing under the tent. Select vendors are showing off their wares so show them some love.

If you need to warm up, go inside the building and check out the selection of plant babies that Bohovi offers. Or try on the variety of shoes that Authentics Boutique have waiting for you!

A big shout out to our friend Lincoln at YEGventures for his stunning drone shots!

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