Top 6 Local Food and Drinks You Need to Try


The Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival was incredible this year! We had the privilege of attending the media preview to take pictures of all the delicious treats. Upon entering the hall, we were greeted with food and drink tickets along with wines glasses. As we walked through the festival, we were amazed by all the different vendor options and didn’t know where to start. The festival caters to all kinds of taste buds; from sweet and salty, to sour and bitter, and of course, savoury.

Edmonton’s food scene is developing at a fast pace and we are so excited to experience it all. The Rocky Wine and Food Festival allows fellow foodies to taste what Edmonton has to offer. We have come up with a list of our favourite food and drink vendors from the festival!

Drink Favourites:

1. Lamarca Prosecco

They ladies that this booth were as bright and bubbly as the Prosecco they were serving. This sparkling wine is light, crisp and not overly sweet. This was the perfect way to start our evening off at the festival. They had a great photo booth set up as well which we definitely took advantage of.

2. Marque De Alcantara

Ever seen blue wine before? Neither have we. As soon as we caught a glimpse of this beautiful wine, we had to try. Believe it or not, this chardonnay is coloured this way naturally. As in the production of white wine, the grapes are crushed, pressed and fermented. This is all done at low temperatures to preserve the aromas naturally present in the grape. The blue colour comes from a natural dye, Anthocyanin, which is found in the shell of the blue grape. When concentrated amount of this is added to the white wine, a deep blue colour arises.

3. WineBeer

Who knew beer and wine would be a good mix? It really is a “nice contradiction”. It’s 100% natural and contains only 3 ingredients: grapes, hops, and yeast. WineBeer is a new category of beverage that integrates wine, beer and sparkling wine processes. The folks at WineBeer believe this new “beer” is the sophistication of a good sparkling wine and the refreshing taste of a beer, all in one bottle. We would have to agree!

Food Favourites:

1. Westin’s Share Restaurant

As soon as we saw the bacon, we knew we had to stop at the Westin’s Share Restaurant booth. Everyone at the booth were eager to share their knowledge of the delicious bite sized treats they were serving. The bacon had been smoked for over 24 hours and had the perfect crunch, complimenting the lettuce and sauce which made this one of the best BLT’s we’ve ever had.

2. ‘Ono Poke Co.

Poke Bowls are all the rage this year and ‘Ono Poke has definitely made its mark in the Edmonton food scene. As soon as we saw the banner for Uno Poke, we knew we had to check it out; their delicious samples did not disappoint. We tried a sample which was a version of the Uncle Thom’s Surf Poke from their menu, it had the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

3. Vons Restaurant

Vons has long been an Edmonton favourite. Vons is known in the city for their excellent selection of fresh oysters, so of course we had to try them. The first bite had a hint of saltiness, followed by subtle sweetness. The flavours from the oyster changes as you take more bites. The second item on their menu was a “bone marrow toast”. It was delectable with so much flavour packed in to this small bite.

BONUS: Favourite Booth:

Baileys Hot Chocolate Bar. This was by far the most enchanting booth at the festival. With your choice of toppings including; marshmallows, chocolate shavings, graham crumbs, chocolate and caramel sauce. It was dessert heaven. They also had a beautiful backdrop for a photo op; we were definitely guilty of taking more than a few photos. This booth was every Instagramers and sugar-lovers dream.