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Video Premiere: What's the deal with the 4/20 Combo?

Fresh burgs for a HELLA fresh deal.
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George Hong
December 23, 2021

Wow, Mark and Ryan are two great chefs making delicious food just north of downtown Edmonton. You can’t help but notice the walls when you first walk into The Local Omnivore. Happy diners over the years have left their mark on this space, and you feel the love from the community. Mark and Ryan show you their love through the food they feed you. Over the years, The Local Omnivore has evolved from a food truck into a diner style restaurant that serves all-day breakfast and all-day dinner. The two founders do everything from sourcing supplies, prepping, cooking, serving, greeting, and cleaning.

We wanted to know more about the 4/20 combo deal, and they didn’t disappoint. Four smash burgers made from in-house ground brisket, topped with pickles and a custom sauce, all wrapped up in a brioche bun that’s toasted on both sides. All that for $20 bucks! It might sound simple but when you break down each step in the process you realize the work these local chefs put into their craft. Most restaurants do not take the time to grind their own beef. It’s time consuming, costly, and just another step that’s easy to offload on a supplier. But for The Local Omnivore, it’s one of the most crucial steps to ensure the quality of food they want to offer. Just ask Ryan why they use brisket instead of chuck roast and you’ll see the attention to detail and passion that goes into their product.

For The Local Omnivore, supporting local means sourcing brioche buns from Handy Bakery but also offering a daily Lunch Combo deal to all union members. Mark and Ryan support neighbouring restaurants by supplying products, referring customers, and eating and drinking at their establishments. So, the next time you’re jonesing for a high-quality burger, remember to support local and order the 4/20 Combo Deal!

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