Alex Quinn

Chief Revenue Officer

Alex delved into the world of culinary at the young age of 14, first working his way up at Earls and JOEY’s in Sherwood Park where he acted as a sous chef and helped train his successors. During his time in the hospitality industry, Alex obtained his Red Seal Certification at NAIT through the apprenticeship program and moved onto a new business with his friend – Chef Sheridan and his private chef company and his startup company out of Sherwood Park called “Easy as Pie Meals” where he was the assistant chef for meal preparation with David and Sheridan who founded the company. Despite his ongoing leadership in restaurants over the years, Alex has always been drawn to entrepreneurship and wanted to gain more experience in sales. This led Alex to land a Sales position at Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West. This helped give Alex an edge in the sales industry which helped with his 10yr+ culinary experience to deliver exceptional service and knowledge.


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