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Do I have to pay to use What's the Deal?

No, using What's the Deal is absolutely free for foodies! Our goal is to help you discover amazing dining deals and make your foodie adventures more budget-friendly. You can enjoy all the benefits of our platform without any cost.For restaurants, we offer subscription-based plans that provide you with powerful tools to attract more customers, showcase your specials, and boost your online presence. Feel free to contact us for more details on our restaurant subscription plans.

What cities do you operate in?

Currently, What's the Deal is proud to call Edmonton home. We've started our journey right here, and we're excited to serve the local foodie community. However, we're all set to expand our horizons in the very near future. Keep an eye on our updates, as we plan to bring the What's the Deal experience to more cities, allowing even more foodies to discover incredible dining deals and delicious specials. We can't wait to share the foodie love with more cities soon!

Why is my home feed empty?

It's most likely a location issue. Open the sandwich menu in the top right corner, choose settings then select change location and move the pin to our current service area of Edmonton. We're working to fix this and expand our reach!

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