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It was all a dream...

What’s the Deal? was born from a need to find the best happy hours in Edmonton. After working a long shift in the restaurant industry, our founder Kate wanted a bite to eat and a cold drink, at a good price. To find the specials, she would search each restaurant’s website and sometimes even call to ask. Kate wanted a mobile app that would collect all the best restaurant deals, specials, happy hours, and drink specials and show them to her based on her location. There was nothing like this in the App Store so she decided to make one! Her brother Leo joined the movement and together they formed the foundation of What’s the Deal? Having a great idea for an app is one thing. Actually making the app posed some unique challenges but they made it happen! Over ten thousand people downloaded and used the beta app but it needed major upgrades and user features. 2020 was the perfect year to make the necessary changes to the app and the whole team is working hard to deliver an amazing product to market. Once we are finished, the website and app will work together to provide a seamless user experience.

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