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Beta App Launch


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June 19, 2019

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Emily Anderson

Edmonton, Alberta - The What's the Deal? team turned the dining scene upside down with the highly anticipated Beta Launch Party, and they chose none other than the legendary Polar Park Brewery as their playground for this epic culinary extravaganza!

Imagine a two-floor brewery buzzing with excitement, an array of delectable deals, and an atmosphere charged with the perfect blend of foodie fervour and digital innovation. On the 19 of June, 2019, the What's the Deal? Beta App burst onto the scene in all its glory, bringing along a squad of sponsors who know something about turning ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

Sponsored by the Taste-Makers:

  • Red Bull: When attendees needed a boost of energy to keep up with all the deal-hunting action, Red Bull had them covered. They didn't just give wings; they gave the power to uncover the best culinary deals in town!
  • Central Social Hall: It wasn't just a social hall; it was a gateway to unforgettable food experiences. With their support, the What's the Deal? Beta App Launch Party sets the stage for a culinary adventure like no other.
  • Yelo'd Ice Cream: Who said dessert couldn't come before dinner? Yelo'd Ice Cream treated taste buds to a sweet symphony that perfectly complemented the savoury deals discovered.
  • The Provincial: Dining was elevated with The Provincial's expertise. They joined the party to show that a perfect meal wasn't just a deal but an art form.

The Flavor-Infused Lineup:

Guests feasted their eyes (and taste buds) on a night filled with irresistible bites, thrilling surprises, and the official unveiling of the What's the Deal? Beta. From gourmet delights to pocket-friendly treats, this party had it all. Oh, did we mention the live music, interactive games, and an atmosphere that screamed, "Let's Eat!"?

Attendees unleashed their inner foodies, joined the deal-hunting frenzy, and savoured a night that was all about indulgence, innovation, and irresistible eats. The countdown to the flavour revolution had ended, and it all started at the What's the Deal? Beta App Launch Party!

Edmonton, you witnessed it – let's eat, explore, and make deals!

P.S. Appetites were brought, excitement was high, and dancing shoes were on – it was a party that was not to be missed!