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The What's the Deal? Team: Ready to Conquer Inventures 2019 in Calgary!


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June 5, 2019

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Emily Anderson

Calgary, Alberta - Brace yourselves, Calgary! The What's the Deal? team is rolling up their sleeves, packing their bags enthusiastically, and gearing up to take Inventures 2019 by storm. And let's say we're about to sprinkle a dash of "dealiciousness" to this year's innovation extravaganza!

Picture this: a group of ingenious minds armed with smartphones, laptops, and an insatiable appetite for tech innovation and great food. That's right, folks - the What's the Deal? crew is about to dive headfirst into the vibrant atmosphere of Inventures, and they're not coming empty-handed.

So, what's the buzz all about? Well, imagine a bunch of foodies, tech wizards, and deal aficionados converging in one of the most innovative conferences of the year. It's like the Avengers assembling but with a passion for culinary delights and groundbreaking apps. Our team is on a mission to spice things up, connect with fellow visionaries, and sprinkle some of that What's the Deal? magic all around.

You might spot us at the keynote speeches, taking diligent notes while secretly pondering the perfect happy hour deal combo. Or catch us at one of those game-changing workshops, brainstorming how to make your search for the best burger in town even more delightful. And yes, you bet we'll be rubbing shoulders with tech moguls, entrepreneurs, and investors who have the power to turn a simple idea into a revolution.
But it's not all work and no play for the What's the Deal? team. Oh no, we're here to prove that innovation and fun are a match made in startup heaven.

Inventures 2019, watch out! The What's the Deal? team is here to make waves, shake hands, and showcase how we're turning your quest for the best deals into a cutting-edge experience. Stay tuned for a whirlwind of innovative discussions, memorable connections, and, who knows, maybe even a sprinkle of our signature "dealicious" charm.

So, Calgary, if you see a bunch of passionate individuals with a twinkle in their eyes and a smartphone in hand, talking deals, snapping food pics, and spreading the joy of What's the Deal?, that's us! Join us in the adventure, and let's make Inventures 2019 a deal-tastic memory that'll be talked about over future happy hours.

See you there, Calgary!