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Propel: An Incubator program chooses What’s the Deal?


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January 10, 2020

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George Hong

Propel is a 12-week incubator program designed to support Alberta-based, early-stage, scalable digital technology startup founders just like What’s the Deal?. Propel, and their expert mentors offer individual support to prepare founders for the challenges of starting and growing a tech company.

The sister and brother team of Kate and Leo Popiel were chosen as one of the first founders to take advantage of this free mentorship funded by Alberta Innovates.

Kate and Leo valued this experience and the knowledge they gained from the Propel incubator program. A few of the primary growth areas included making What’s the Deal? investment ready, improving their pitch and public speaking skills, and thinking about global markets for What’s The Deal?.

Read more about Kate and Leo’s experience with Propel.