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What's the Deal? Rises to the Top 10 Companies at Edmonton Start-up TNT Summit


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June 1, 2022

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Emily Anderson

In the summer of 2022, What's the Deal? experienced a significant milestone in its journey as a budding startup. The company successfully secured a spot in the Top 10 companies at the highly acclaimed Edmonton Start-up TNT Summit. Although they didn't claim the top spot, the experience proved to be invaluable, thanks to the honest feedback received from accredited investors.

The Edmonton Start-up TNT Summit is a renowned platform that brings together promising entrepreneurs, innovative startups, and seasoned investors. It serves as a launching pad for emerging companies, offering them a chance to showcase their ideas, connect with potential partners, and gain exposure in the startup ecosystem.

For What's the Deal?, making it to the Top 10 was a significant achievement in itself. The competition was fierce, with numerous talented entrepreneurs vying for recognition and financial support. The fact that the company stood out among such fierce competition was a testament to the potential and promise of their business model.

While securing the top spot would have been a dream come true, What's the Deal? took solace in the valuable feedback provided by the panel of accredited investors. Honest feedback is crucial for startups as it sheds light on blind spots, highlights areas for improvement, and helps refine their business strategy. The insights gained from experienced investors can be monumental in shaping the future trajectory of a company.

Armed with this feedback, What's the Deal? went back to the drawing board, analyzing the investor's suggestions and incorporating them into their plans. The startup's team saw this setback as an opportunity for growth and improvement. They recognized that success often emerges from learning from failure and adapting to feedback.

The company's participation in the Edmonton Start-up TNT Summit not only gave them exposure to potential investors but also provided an excellent networking opportunity. Building relationships and forging connections with like-minded entrepreneurs and industry experts can open doors to collaborations, mentorship, and further funding avenues.

Since the summit, What's the Deal? has made significant strides in developing and progressing their business. They have leveraged the honest feedback received to refine their product offerings, enhance their marketing strategy, and streamline their operations. The experience has acted as a catalyst for their growth, pushing them to be more resilient, innovative, and determined.

While securing the top spot at the Edmonton Start-up TNT Summit would have been a crowning achievement, What's the Deal? recognizes that success in the startup world is not solely defined by competition results. It is a journey, a process of continuous learning and improvement. The feedback and lessons garnered from this experience have positioned the company for future success and have given them the tools to navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

As What's the Deal? continues on its entrepreneurial journey, they remain grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Edmonton Start-up TNT Summit. The event has been a pivotal moment, propelling them forward and shaping their vision for the future. With their newfound insights and a steadfast determination, What's the Deal? is ready to make their mark in the startup landscape, aiming to become a key player in Edmonton's thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.